Anne Hogan(non-registered)
Looking for pictures from Savin Hill reunion
Karen Regan(non-registered)
Paul you are awesome, I have looked at the pictures of Brittany & Paul's wedding a thousand times and love them each time. Thank you so much! You seemed to be able to capture everybody and all the priceless memories. Amazing photography! And your wife is awesome to, love your friendship! Thanks again for the pictures that Brittany and Paul will treasure forever!
Paula Skarbek(non-registered)
Thanks Paul for the beautiful pictures of Paul and Brittany and Phil and Jaci's weddings and Burkie's Walk. You get the shots that really capture the 'people'. We thank Maureen too because she is the silent partner at all of these affairs. You've created some priceless memories for so many people. May the right lighting always be with you...
Jaime Gill(non-registered)
It's always a joy when I enter my father's house and view the City Point photo of Admiral Farragut.
Paul Feeney(non-registered)
Thanks for the pics of the boat and my brothers. I will never forget.
Next year the wood will be gleaming and the 150 % jib up to the right height !!!! I will also have the mizzen sail onboard and sheeted.
I think I might even talk you onto the boat for a sail.....if you can get off your nice motor boat for an afternoon.
Great Pics !!
Take care,
Mary Long(non-registered)
The pictures you took at Mark & Kathleens wedding are priceless. You captured memories that they will have for a lifetime! I enjoyed each and everyone of them with a smile on my face. It was a great time with great people!
It is nice you can get to do something you love.
Sue and Mark(non-registered)
Paul, you have such great talent. We love the picture of the sailboats in the mist. You can feel and smell the fog. We have the photo displayed in our kitchen which gets more traffic and have had wonderful compliments on your work. You have an artist's eye, just beautiful. I can't wait to see more.
Carol Masshardt(non-registered)
Thanks for mentioning your site, Paul. I enjoyed looking at all the photos and particularly the Boston water and sky! inspired work!
Paul, Great job. The pictures are awesome.
What great photos! You are the best!
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